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23rd November 2015
Two new galleries have been added: A Borough'd Market and A London Calling. One gallery has been deleted.
27th June 2015
Seven new galleries have been added and established galleries have been reconfigured.
22nd June 2015
Galleries on this website are currently being updated.
Presentation at Hothouse/Look 15
16th May 2015
I presented my project "Diary of a Manchester Flâneur" at Hothouse/Look 15 international photography festival in Liverpool, UK.
Book re-issued
13th February 2013
A new edition of my book titled; Blackpool Valiant Blackpool Valium, is now available on Visit to view and order.

This revised edition contains extra images and corrections to textual errors in the original. The original has now been withdrawn.

An example of images within the book can be seen on this page by scrolling down to Another Book Issued - 15 May 2012.
New Book Issued
09th December 2012
My latest book, entitled 'Korea in Threes', is now available on Please use the following link to preview:

The book covers different aspects of life in South Korea in sets of three photographs, each set with an introductory page. It is authored as a journal.
Book issued
18th July 2012
My book "Twenty One 12 Twenty One" - Vienna/London/Havana - is now available on Please visit:
Another book issued
15th May 2012
My book "Blackpool Valiant Blackpool Valium" is now available on Blurb. Visit to view and purchase. Subtitled Land of Sun, Sea, Sand, and Anti-Depressants, this book takes a quirky look at the seaside town that is at once both England's most visited whilst also being the country's anti-depressant capital.
Book issued
04th May 2012
My book, titled: "Taegeukki" is now available on Blurb. Visit Taegeukki is a book that takes a unique approach to South Korea's national identity, via the deconstruction of the national flag; the Taegeukki. A set of images, texts and Sijo - traditional Korean poetry, interprets the various meanings behind each component of the national flag; the red and blue 'tennis ball' centre - the Taegeuk - representing Yin and Yang; and the black line trigrams - Geon, Gon, Ri and Gam, one in each of the four corners and each with their own set of seven characteristic meanings.
Blog Spot
07th February 2011
My blog for the MA course can be followed at:
08th January 2011
I have now relocated to the UK in readiness for the MA course in Documentary Photography at the LCC.
MA in Documentary Photography
27th October 2010
I have been accepted by the London College of Communication on their Master's Degree (MA) in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, starting January 2011.
More galleries
05th September 2010
The following galleries were added on 5th September 2010: Kolkata Streetlife, FC & C, Cuba, Others.
Kick off
04th September 2010
Website went live on 4th September 2010, with 5 galleries: Have/Have not, D4D, Iasi-Romania,
Kolkata Schooldays and Couples.